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Only adults who are 18 years of age (or older depending on the laws of the jurisdiction you live in) are allowed to access this material.Fun in the Retirement Home By Rick I was asked by a friend of mine to help him show some older people in one of the local retirement homes how to use computers and access the internet . I was basically going to teach how them how to set up an internet account with an Isp and how to do e-mail . Welcome I said and went through the class that I had planned . Her hair was all white and she had dark brown eyes . Well she said I want to be able to use e-mail and to visit all sorts of web sites and since I used to be a photographer I want to be able to use a digital camera and print the pictures on the printer because they won’t let me have a dark room here . I’ll tell you what I said I have a set up at home that you can see and if it’s what your interested in and go from there . Very nice I said you bought a very good one with a proper lens . I turned the page and was quite surprised to see her sucking her husbands cock while another guy was fucking her . Hey I said isn’t that the lady that did the cooking show on TV back then from Syracuse ? Well I know a lot about cameras she said I worked wit them for many years .

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