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Basic trainings can also serve as refreshers for professionals already working in sexuality education.

Click on the training title for more details and to register and pay.

The no interest period starts on the day Dell ships the products to you (the “Start Date”) and ends 6 months after that date (“No Interest Period”).

To take advantage of the No Interest Offer, you MUST (1) pay the full balance before the end of the No Interest Period; AND (2) pay all monthly payments due before the end of the No Interest Period by their payment due dates.

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JANUARY - JUNE 2017 TRAINING INSTITUTE CALENDAR Jan 26, 2017 | PPNYC Queens Center, 21-41 45 Road What Happens When?

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However, American police are trained to use methods of deception, intimidation and manipulation to circumvent these restrictions.

may legally be forced to testify against himself, and because of the Fourth Amendment, no one’s records or belongings may legally be searched or seized without just cause.

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