Updating bios on dell alaska dating reality show

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Stick with the Dell’s Client Configuration Toolkit to configure your BIOS settings and you won’t have to deal with the screenshot below.Today, we will create a GUI BIOS setting package that allows us to configure any and every BIOS setting on a machine.Then afterwards the successfully updated bios, remove the CD from the CD-ROM Drive then reboot and you will see it’s updated bios from A21 to A23.The reason why Dell doesn’t want you to be updated without battery installed, if you’re AC power failed, the battery installed will support your power and flash bios update still continue.

Have you ever wanted to configure the Dell BIOS remotely? To start off with, you will want to read Part 1 first.

In our previous post, we used the command line version of CCTK to edit individual settings. As a note, you can query any setting with an asterisk (read-only mark) next to it.

For some reason, it took me a while to figure that out.

You can see it at Dell welcome screen,below the Logo or Press F2 and check on the BIOS.

Be warned, wrong BIOS may damage your BIOS and maybe worst, your system will not function. And one more thing, flash your BIOS with AC Power connected and fully charge battery! At boot up, it will ask you to continue the upgrade of the BIOS (follow the instructions carefully), let it continue and afterwards it is complete, it will tell you that your bios is updated successfully. After the reboot, the CD will lauch update bios for Dell Laltitude C600/C500 , and follow the instuctions, (it’s quite easy).

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