Elderly versus people with disabilities accomodating

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Answer: If your mother already has some movement in her hand and fingers then I would recommend some of the exercises from this website's hand exercises page at

If she does not have any movement or only little movement in her hand, then I recommend doing some weight bearing exercises which can help facilitate return of movement and decrease tone if there is any.

Organizations, including employers, have a number of legal obligations under the .

Meeting these responsibilities may lead to the following types of benefits: Savvy employers will be planning ahead to make sure that their organizations are able to respond appropriately to changing demographics in the province and in the workplace.

Based on government data and other research, the Conference Board of Canada makes the following predictions for the period between 20: organizations such as the Conference Board of Canada note that the nation’s productivity and ability to compete require that such persons be included.

A physical therapist can also show you tapping techniques to help facilitate movement.

For example, to elicit straightening the knee, you would tap the top of the thigh.

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