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Photos here will not be in chronological order or in context. I think she's gonna be so traumatised that when she goes back, she's gonna have yellow Asian fever. Perhaps the most high-profile scandal was the one involving Miss Tibet. I managed to snap a photo of her later in the hotel lobby. Look like she just walked out of a Barbie Doll box. I reckon she has the best dress out of all the girls that night. The next session of the show features the contestants in cocktail wear. Those two are definitely my favourites alongside Miss Venezuela.

Banging into another car 'cos you aren't looking: RM900. Miss Tourism is very similar to Miss World or Miss Universe, only less glitzy and particular emphasis is placed on the contestants tourism knowledge and background. Miss Venezuela looked fabulous in that pink empress outfit. Poor Miss Ethiopia for example, was quarantined at the KLIA because she can't produce her medical certificate and the officials here fear that she may have yellow fever or something like that. Miss Slovakia on the other hand has a great body but a very 'plastic' face. Why is it that all the beauty queens seem to hail from Venezuela? Too bad with the conservative politicians in the audience I see a fat chance of that happening. She looked like she jumped out of a watch ad or something.

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I was finally given a chance to buy the elusive RM300 ticket at the door on the actual event. Anyway, after the initial introduction of the contestants, a selected few were invited to perform their 'special talents' on stage. She commented how intimidated she felt since the girls there are all so tall. The Miss Tourism Pageant Grand Final will be held in Miri City on the 23rd July.

Having gotten into a minor car accident earlier in the day, I was hesitant to part with my hard-earned cash. I put on my best dress shirt and tailored pants, wore a (borrowed) huge ass digital SLR camera on my neck, and at the actual event I walked into the ballroom confidently as if I own the whole freakin' place. But Celest is very down-to-earth and I felt as if I was talking to my high school mate or something. Who will win the crown of Miss Damai (whatever the hell that is)? I have my favourites - specifically Miss Brazil, Miss Belarus, Miss Romania and Miss Venezuela.

The Kuching 'Preview' Show was held at the Crowne Plaza hotel ballroom. The Chinese government forced her to compete as Miss Tibet-China, but she refused and ended up withdrawing from the contest instead. Miss Cambodia in the background kinda pale in comparison. She's another one of those with a good body, but her face something wrong one. Don't go using your special Aikido talent and roll back to Singapore now. I didn't even know this type of beauty pageant exist, until I caught the bunch of them having lunch at one of the hotel cafes. I found my table (they made a mistake by revealing my table number before I even got my ticket), pulled a chair, sat and started eating the shark fin soup and butter prawns they served. People look at me as if its very common for strangers to share a table like that. I got to dine at a 5-star hotel, rub shoulders with snobbish socialites, and meet with 30 other beauty queens, all for abso-fucking-lutely FREE. We're not here to see pretty girls, we're here to promote world peace and harmony. Tourism is important so all the government money spent on this beauty pageant is worth it. I got to see all these pretty girls backstage before all of you do, and I took pictures with all of them too. Contestants appear in dazzling Sarawak cultural costumes. A number of contestants have withdrawn or miss the show completely. She sang a rendition of by The Cranberries and her vocals was simply awesome. I dig Miss Hong Kong's outfit (2nd from left) and Miss Brazil (3rd from left) looks fantastic in just about anything. Just got back from the Kuching preview show of the Miss Tourism Pageant 2005 last night. The minister's speech can be summed up as follows: 1. He did say something to that effect.) Anyone wanna bet his stupid speech is gonna make the headlines tomorrow? Letting someone like me sneak into the Miss Tourism Pageant was the last of the organizer's concerns. Miss Malaysia easily had the best performance of the night. Miss China is damn skinny, but she got a nice albeit flat face though.Smaller packages come out to about 10 tokens per dollar though, so private chats begin at 1.99 or so a minute and that isn't bad. First, there is the ,000 given by the site each month for the most popular cams, which are selected on an hourly basis, so basically anyone can win. Navigating through is so easy that even you dimwits could probably manage it. Anyway, here are your membership options: Now I would have thought that a webcam sex site that is totally free won't have all that many cool features, but is just the opposite.

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