Oxford guide to dating posh

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In the play, the debauched group encounters excessive drinking, prostitution and leaves a trail of "glorious destruction" in their wake.

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There they are, the anointed members of a lightly fictionalised Oxford University drinking society, lined up like entitled penguins outside the country pub they will trash after dinner."We are bringing it to London so that people can see the cars, and the people that make those cars.All the history, old buildings, bikes and eccentric intellectuals everywhere.A whole scene is dedicated to the taking of the picture; at the last minute, the legend at the back pops on a pair of sunglasses – just like the legend who once stood behind Cameron.Lone Scherfig’s film is based on Laura Wade’s play Posh (a far better, more incendiary title, for a far better, more incendiary piece), which opened in 2010.

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