Dating a supermodel

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In a post-swipe app universe, modern dating is rather daunting. Definitely not tweeting, but I’d rather you had it in case of an emergency. Sure, through the likes of Tinder and Bumble and Grindr and Happn and Ok Cupid and Match and Plenty Of Fish, it may seem as if true love is all but a thumb waggle away. But then, securing a date from the comfort of your chaise lounge is barely half the battle. But then I do think it’s kind of a turn off if you go on a date and someone is texting other people. Dunn appeared on the red carpet with Future on her arm, and you know in the music and entertainment industries……in the celebrity world period, you can’t be spotted with ANYONE without rumors spreading that you are dating them. It’s almost like there is no such thing as friends anymore. of course folks think Future and Jourdan are dating. Well, today we bring to you the best odds, that you’ve always wondered about.

Now, here's Edelman, dating a Brazilian supermodel (and aspiring broadcast journalist) of his own. Touchdown Tom wouldn't be caught dead in cutoff jorts.

Does he still want to have his cake and eat it too?

Part of being a consistent content creator is knowing where to find inspiration for new work.

This is the exact reason why, as I often write, that the independent brand will struggle. What would happen if a new brand in market went with distributors that specialized in new brands?

Change never happens for the sake of change and by no means am I a torch bearer for change. What if the big 5 distributors only sold goods that were 20,000 case items, kind of like a super team of brands.

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