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They tend to give a piece of themselves to anyone they love, and often get a lot of satisfaction from helping others in general.

They often think with their heart and not their head, tending to dislike confrontation or hurting others in any way when avoidable, and often have difficulty saying no or leaving bad situations including relationships.

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He may at times slip up and let you know something but it wont be much and he will do his best to make sure that it does not happen often.He will seem like a little puppy desperate for attention and love but not prepared to do anything in return.If he can be taught that love is there but he has a part to play the relationship should last.Here are a few things to enjoy as well as be careful of when dating a Scorpio man. For Scorpios, love is an all or nothing experience.There are no half-measures with them when wooing the partner of their dreams.

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