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There are numerous natural phenomena for which evolution gives us a sound theoretical underpinning.

Lpinois suggests that the county corresponded to the pagus Camliacensis [le Chambliois] and le pays de Thelle, which together became the ecclesiastical doyenn of Beaumont.

Walterius comes Pontisariensis, Willelmus comes Corboilensis, Ivo comes Bellomontensis, Walerannus comes Melledensis are named among those present at the opening of the reliquary of Saint-Denis, dated donated "castrum Confluentie" to Saint-Wandrigisel by charter dated 1039, signed by "Ivocomes Ivo clericuscomes Goffredus, Albericus, Gelduini vicecomitis Odonis filii supradicti comitis, Gosberti fratris eiusdem Odonis" (-10 Jan [1068/1070]). Belmontensis castri comes donated property to la Trinit de Fcamp by charter dated to after 1027, subscribed by Ivonis comitis, [J]osfredi filii eius, Ivonis clerici eius filii sui fratris, Alberici eius filii.

Gaufridi comitis Bellimontis witnessed the charter dated under which Philippe I King of France confirmed the donation of the village of la Chapellaude en Bourbonnais to the abbey of Saint-Denis.

Then, in 2003, she put movies on the back burner to launch herself as a rock star, going on to perform and record two albums with her band The Licks.

Her new band, the New Romantiques, have just released their first album.

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