Stop adobe acrobat from updating

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Most Windows installs will have a fair amount of software installed, even light users will have a few programs to do the bare essentials.It could be just basic things like a web browser, Flash player, PDF reader and a few others, but it’s all software that gets updated at regular intervals.If so, which one (if it's flash player 11, what will be effected by removing it)?At once those are the only adobe things showing up under the control panel to uninstall as well as IOBit Uninstaller, is there some other way to remove it? If so, change it's status from Automatic to Manual to prevent it from starting at boot time.: Of course there are many other methods of pushing registry changes to workstations.In this article I will show you an easy way to disable automatic Adobe Reader XI updates from running per users requests.

Important: A lot of software is updated regularly to fix security issues and you leave your system more vulnerable by not using the latest version.

While we are showing you how to disable automatic updates for selected applications, you should not turn off the option indefinitely.

Once you have finished the task, it’s highly recommended updates for the software should be turned back on as soon as possible.

Many system administrators have encountered this at least once in our lifetime, or should I say at least once a week: We constantly find ourselves trying to control our network and environment, protecting it from malware, constantly keeping it up to date, and in many cases also protecting it from users that can be blamed for our hair loss among many other things.

One of these struggles is to keep our software, operating systems, and hardware up to date with the latest patches, fixes, or service packs.

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