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Now the other shop stays open till six, it's going to do a lot more business.

It's a simple analogy but that has to be taken into account.' 'I'm a show-off but I'm not a peacock - there is a difference.

Earlier this year, he took over the bulk of the primetime three-hour morning slot once occupied by his good friend, the late Gerry Ryan. Had he planned it, Tubridy could hardly be offering a more literal interpretation of former Late Late Show host Pat Kenny’s acid line, delivered to the incoming host via the RTE Guide: ‘‘He’s a young man in a terrible hurry.” This week, that ‘hurry’ continues.

At the age of 37, Tubridy has just published his first book, JFK in Ireland: Four Days That Changed a President.

Ryan Tubridy is hurrying down the corridors in RTE, looking for a quiet spot to do this interview.

He hellos everyone as he passes, offering up quips and waves.

That means that Tubridy is now not only one of RTE’s youngest and most successful broadcasters, but a relatively young first-time author too.

We arrive at a small studio, and I wonder if this is where Tubridy does his new 2FM show. Off he leaps down the corridor again, all nervy hustle and bustle, apologising for walking in front of me ‘‘but you don’t know where you’re going’’.One of the most popular chefs on television told Ryan about sharing tea & cheese with Julia Roberts and how he taught brad & Angelina how to cook brown bread.Ryan then threw down the gauntlet in a taste test between Kevin's cakes and his own efforts at baking!Although the interview was planned to tie in with the publication of the book, no advance copy was available, due to a media embargo.This may suit me better than Tubridy, as it means there is more time to discuss not only his media career, but the topic that the public seems to have an insatiable appetite for – his love life.

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