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Leia offers shamanic healing for children, adults, couples and companion animals, integrating ancient teachings for the 21st Century.

Come gather stories, tips and inspiration for your next adventure from 6-8 pm at the UO Outdoor Program Barn on the UO Campus. Later that night, cruise by Arriving By Bike (2705 Willamette Street) for a Flat Fix & Prevention Clinic to learn how to fix a flat tire, and prevent one in the first place, from - pm. Meet at Richardson Bridge on Fern Ridge Path (near Quaker St.) for free bagels and coffee, as well as bike safety checks and bike maps. On Saturday, May 27, bike to and tour the home of permaculture enthusiast, Jan Spencer, during the Bike to Permaculture event. Downtown Public Speakers Toastmasters Club, drop-ins welcome, noon-pm today & Thursday, June 1, Les Lyle Conference rm., 4th fl. "Leia Hart has a successful shamanic healing practice and teaches well attended workshops for a reason.She is a clear communicator, always brings in new material that is revelant to the present time, and shows great love and compassion."I am feeling so much better, as each day passes I feel more full and calm and peaceful, able to make decisions more easily and be less overwhelmed.My energy is way better already and even when I rest it is not due to the same total exhaustion on all levels.My mind is so much more clear, my heart so much more calm and my belly chakra area both more filled out and less tense that it has felt in years. I feel again grateful for this life and excited to see where it takes me, where I can take it...

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