Bored internet dating

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My app hiatus was a much-needed break, but not everything about it was wonderful.The time away reminded me how hard it is to find dates without using the Internet. you spend hours setting up an account on a dating sites, writing your personal description, picking and posting your photos, even revealing your innermost thoughts and dreams …and, in return, you get nothing more than 100 uninspired emails from loser guys asking things like Welcome to the online dating life of an attractive woman. And, until “laziness” becomes a quality women are seeking, you’ve got to do better.

And if you aren’t skilled at witty banter or crafting effective messaging, how will you ever write e-mails with enough substance to elicit a response? The message was from a 47 year-old man in Cornwall. It looked OK-ish until I got to a section entitled ‘You should message me if…’ His answer was along the lines of ‘Women, what do they want? This was my welcome to the crazy world of online dating.I wasn’t quite sure if there was a polite way to say ‘piss off you misogynist cockwombling piss weasel’ but thought I might give it a go.Then I realised he had sent a second message saying ‘why ask men to send you messages and then don’t bother replying, eh? Or he might have been a clinically insane manipulative pillock.

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