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I was bleeding heavily and steadily, but my first thought was perhaps this was a sign from God I shouldn’t be eating bread.A Michael Jackson impersonator - formerly crowned Britain’s Best dad by GMTV - was told by a judge to stop crying as he was given a conditional discharge for assaulting his wife.Famed Michael Jackson impersonator Navi did what he does best Thursday, transforming into the King of Pop for an upcoming flick. A., shooting several scenes for Lifetime's 'Searching for Neverland.' The scene below mimics a famous real-life encounter MJ had as he breezed through a Vegas mall. It was a lovely email from a man on an online dating site.It was very painful and immediately started throbbing.I cannot believe how much it hurt or how much blood there was.He arrived at court with a group of 15 well-wishers.

Preddie was tearful throughout the hearing at Croydon Magistrates Court today. “You are a man of 44 years of age and clearly a man of good character.What made this man stand out is that he is a Michael Jackson impersonator. His photos are a walk along memory lane of Michael’s career and I just can’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Michael Jackson, but I don’t want to date him.I am also quite certain there is not enough tequila in the world for me to want to sleep with a fake Michael Jackson. I thanked him for the interest, told him I didn’t think we were a match, and wished him well with his search.He told me my profile was interesting, he thought I sounded fun, appreciated my honesty, and said I had gorgeous hair.It was sweet and the truth is that I appreciate how hard it is to ask out a stranger and am always touched when a man is brave enough to write.

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