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Due to the progressive downloading technology, you can start watching the video before it has been completely downloaded.

Other advantages of the Div X Player are the dual monitor support (playing fullscreen videos on dual-monitor systems), the possibility to personalize the interface by adding new skins and the low CPU requirements.

2.1 Software needed to play Div X movies in Windows In order to play Div X movies you need to install the Div X® codec, Direct X and a media player which supports the codec.

We recommend using Windows Media Player 6.4 or higher to play Div X movies.

Div X Player can be deployed on your computer after a simple and fast installation process.

You will become familiar with this application’s features starting with installation, when you will receive all the instructions and the information you need in order to enjoy Div X Player.

The Div X FAQ may not be published at any other website without permission. I am using an ATI Radeon HD 4770 and an Intel E8500 3.0GHz with 4gig of RAM.Thanks [email protected] am having the same problem when i install Divx most movies work fine but some dont have sound but without divx installed windows media player plays the files fine its when I install divx the problem of no sound in both divx and media player start. My Pc is 2 days old i purchased it yesterday and I love divx and would like to use it again but with divx installed the sound on windows media player stops also if i install a third party codec like Directshow, ffw, AC3 windows media player obtains the sound but the video goes really laggy and the sound does not match the video the video freezes and then couple of minutes latter the sound appears not matching the video. It doesn't happen with all avi files, and only started doing this a few weeks ago. Then about 10 minutes later, the file started to play correctly, but still, no sound (the Divx Player does not even show up in my Windows 7 audio mixer? Also, my playback file info is as follows: Video Render: Direct3D Video Renderer Video Decoder: Div X AVC Decoder 7 Beta 3 Video Format: H.264 Audio Decoder: Direct Show Decoder Audio Format: DTS Audio (Tag 8193) I usually use The KMPlayer which has played everything I throw at it, but I wanted to try something different for a change. When opening an AVI file in player, it will start playing, show the intro,start the first scene, then drop it and display a KEEP UP WITH DIVX message, and a link to facebook.

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