Was ajay dating kangana ranaut

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When Barkha Dutt asked Karan, whether he will apologise to Kangana, he said, "I felt attacked, why should I apologise?

She had an opinion and I respect that, but I had my opinion to give as well. I didn't call her to my last party, but I'll call her to my next party." "The CBFC is a certification board, not a censor board. We should follow what the UK does, giving different ratings to movies," said Karan Johar in the same interview.

The two decided to separate just a week before their 13th wedding anniversary in December 2013.

There were reports that the cause of the separation was Sussanne’s affair with actor Arjun Rampal.

The actress has impressed us all with her wide range of emotions and expressions and is considered as one of the strong independent and remarkable women in Bollywood.

Kangana’s recent television interview provided further grist to the rumour mills, while feminists waxed eloquent about the actor for her independent stance. Has she been playing with fire, considering the precarious situation she finds herself in now?

With the entire film industry divided over the issue, easy to be in love with someone like me; it can be nerve-racking for them. The law of attraction simply states that you attract into your life whatever you think about.

But, the law of attraction gives rise to some tough questions that don’t seem to have good answers, simply because you can never be sure whether it’s really just plain attraction or fatal attraction.

Kangana Ranaut has emerged as a revolutionary gender bender in the rather misogynistic Hindi film industry.

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