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One of the most neglected groups in all of Christendom is the pastor’s wife.Many times a pastor’s wife feels unqualified to adequately serve those in need and typically she lacks the professional assistance, training, respect and value that other leaders in the church receive.”That will soon change later this month with the first-ever global event for pastors’ wives titled “Free to Soar.” The three-day conference to be held in Palm Beach, Florida, Jan.On December 6, 2010, ITU-R recognized that these two technologies, as well as other beyond-3G technologies that do not fulfill the IMT-Advanced requirements, could nevertheless be considered "4G", provided they represent forerunners to IMT-Advanced compliant versions and "a substantial level of improvement in performance and capabilities with respect to the initial third generation systems now deployed".Mobile Wi MAX Release 2 (also known as Wireless MAN-Advanced or IEEE 802.16m') and LTE Advanced (LTE-A) are IMT-Advanced compliant backwards compatible versions of the above two systems, standardized during the spring 2011, As opposed to earlier generations, a 4G system does not support traditional circuit-switched telephony service, but all-Internet Protocol (IP) based communication such as IP telephony.To highlight the important role of their spouses and to acknowledge the contributions these women make to the church and society, Global Pastors Network, a worldwide ministry of pastors, has named January Pastors’ Wives Appreciation Month.“The pastor’s wife plays a critical role in the health of the church and local community,” said Dr. Davis, president and CEO of Global Pastors Network, the group bestowing this special honor.“She’s often working behind the scenes, serving her husband and the congregation, with little support or accolades.

“Unfortunately there is not as much support available for the pastors’ wife.

‘There were probably about half a dozen of us downstairs,’ ‘Jackie’ said. Then they cut off our video feed.’ ‘We ran upstairs – but they locked the door, and taped paper over the door so we couldn’t see. ’ Other conspiracy theorists claim there were ‘secret’ landings on Mars in the Sixties – and the Apollo landings were actually a cover-up for wider exploration of the solar system.

Former CIA pilot John Lear claims that NASA landed on Mars in 1966, and that humans adapted to breathe the thin Martian atmosphere.

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