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Y.,1995) A recent combination of two primary references by Zander H.

This teaching module is designed to help instructors teach their students about the value of ancient coins in Roman society in three sections: A) Reading & Understanding Images B) Legends, Titles & Dating C) Mint Marks.

The production of a chronological catalogue of Roman Imperial coinage was started in 1923 by Harold Mattingly, a numismatist at the British Museum, assisted by Edward Allen Sydenham.

Their catalogue differed from its predecessor, produced by Henry Cohen in the 19th Century. Sutherland in producing volumes IVb (1938) and IVc (1949), and by Percy H. After 1930, the editorship of each of the final volumes was given to a specialist of the period.

The following is a "getting started" bibliography for ancient Mediterranean coins.

ACE hopes that you will have the good fortune to find some of these already on the shelf in your college library.

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