Dale dating earnhardt jr

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and Amy Reimann were dating by the 'National Enquirer' in April, 2010, while Amy was still married to another man.

Of course let's not forget the little detail of how she was bragging about hooking up with Jr in motels. He talking, as usual, got her into trouble and was how her little escapades were discovered by hubby ultimately. So it's weird that out of the 30 plus people who worked on that monstrosity of a house only those two went to races. He's never handed out passes to random people he's met through other places. Besides, the calculator isn't the real problem, it,it, now? Not everyone is dumb enough to believe the new math.......

married longtime girlfriend Amy Reimann on Saturday night on New Year's Eve in front of family and friends, including many fellow NASCAR drivers. #honeymooners," the 42-year-old Earnhardt tweeted early Sunday morning.

Looking forward to the rest of our lives @Amy_Reimann.

Reimann posted a picture early Wednesday afternoon of the couple posing together in what appeared to be a church, showing off her new engagement ring."I'm completely overwhelmed with love & joy," she tweeted. I love you so much @Dale Jr."The 40-year-old Hendrick Motorsports driver has never been married and mostly kept his relationships out of the spotlight over the years until he began opening up about how much Reimann has changed his outlook on life.

NASCAR fans have been quite fond of pestering Earnhardt about when he planned to pop the question since the couple had been dating since 2009."The people we interact with on Twitter are, 'When are you going to do it? '"Now the questions can turn to wedding planning – and possibly Earnhardt's very real jewelry phobia.

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