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’ ” says Mike Reading, Cloudmark’s director of technology for the Americas.

To end reply STOP.” Annoyed, I typed “STOP” and hit send. “Six months ago, when I would tell people I work for an anti-spam company and work on mobile spam, they’d all wonder, ‘What’s mobile spam?

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Possible solutions include leaving it in a drawer; trading it in; downloading maps and creating a dedicated in-car GPS navigator (Google Maps are now downloadable, so you won't need an expensive mobile connection because you can update while at home on Wi Fi); or turning it into a free webcam.

We'll look at some more solutions in the future, but for now, the last of these is a nice option.

” “You have 1 unread message from your secret crush! I ignored some, replied “STOP” to others, and even tried calling back in the vain hope of confronting my tormentors. I’ve long known not to click the links in spam emails, but 10 years of spam-free cellphone ownership had lulled me into complacency when it came to texts.

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Then enter the network details like the network name -- called SSID -- and password.

It's the same information you use to connect a laptop to the network. Browse to the Google Play store and look for a suitable camera streaming app.

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