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You aren’t having drinks with a female friend, you’re spending time with a potential love match, and sharing too much too soon can cause them to run for the hills.

If all goes well, there will be plenty of time to reveal the skeletons in your closet, and more.

New Profile Always Pending: I am Not looking for a relationship, just mingling.

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I like to talk and I like to listen about people's thoughts, belief systems,the world in general, their dreams, their fears, everything. I was living away from Sydney for 5 years and just moved back last I am a blue eyed brunette bbw, bigger than bootylicious with a brain as an added bonus...While it might seem like a good idea at first, bringing a date to your favorite girls bar is not a good idea.The chance of bumping into an ex (yours or hers) is uncomfortably high and not only that, it’s simply too soon to introduce a date to your circle of friends.blue eyes, short cropped hair, sometime bleached blond currently brown but deciding ona Salutations, thanks for taking the time the time to read my profile. Vegan living, films,literature,eclectic musak,dachshunds.... Working towards my P's; I know, I'm a late bloomer! I'm a feeler and a thinker Play guitar, piano, bass and drums Love freedom, adventure and spontaneity Clean freak, order is important Big dreams (many become reality!I'm keen to start dating again and A little about me. ) Laughing out loud is one of my favourite things, along with feeling peaceful. Just looking for someone I can call my lover and my best friend.

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