Usc dating site

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And while it's always brave to make the first step, it shouldn't be remarkable when it's done by a woman.

Tinder, Ok Cupid, Hinge, Coffee meets Bagel and Hitch probably won't change their "first-move" features to match Bumble's feminist approach to online dating.

Tinder addressed these challenges by implementing “hyper local saturation campaigns,” targeting select college campuses.

Tinder’s first year growth strategy is usually summarized as the “college by college” growth technique used by Facebook.

Geographic concentration — people usually date within close proximity to where they live.

It was critical to the platform’s success to onboard enough male and female users within a given area for the product to have value.

How do you navigate these tumultuous waters known as the USC dating scene?

The app is designed in a way that prevents direct conversation starters from guys.

If you're a straight male user, you have to wait for the girl to contact you first after a match.

In high school, there were probably one or two cute kids whom everyone had crushes on. USC is like the world’s best candy store: No matter if you like chocolate, vanilla or a little bit of both, you will find someone here who could be considered your ideal counterpart.

If a student chooses, they can be anonymous at this school.

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