Taylor swift and rihanna dating

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The word on the street was that Drake had spent a significant portion of the night flirting with Swift.Quoting an unnamed source at the party, Page Six reported that, after the birthday dinner, Drake had joined Swift in her booth.Word on the street is Drake and Tay-Tay were inseparable all evening.But if this is a romantic thing and not just them chatting about collaborating or summat, then Taylor, 27, better watch out because Drake's ex Rihanna, 28, doesn't seem too happy about the whole thing. Drake has come under some scrutiny lately, is he ready to turn full heel by dating Taylor Swift?

Katy, who was at the party the whole time, was more than happy to fill her in on the details.Taylor Swift has provided Twitter with an unusual number of juicy romance rumors in recent months.First fans had the opportunity to share everything from amusement to awe at her hookup with Tom Hiddleston, followed by the bombshell that Taylor’s and Tom’s romance had fallen apart.She was “uncomfortable with how public Tom wanted their relationship to be,” according to a source cited by And then those who are already anticipating the split.“If Drake and Taylor Swift are dating, 2017 will be filled with the most depressing a*s breakup songs ever created,” predicted one Twitter user.

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