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Co-workers with the same environment are successful.

I would appreciate any suggestions on getting this to work.

For example, if a lot of people use this status, the value of presence in Lync will be greatly reduced.

Keep in mind that you can use privacy relationships as a way of avoiding interruptions.

The Lync address book process can be very vague about the locations it collects the information from and the priority it applies to conflicting information.

When information is changed in AD it can be very frustrating for administrators when it is updated and shows the new information for some but not others.

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Outlook is always up to date but Lync is falling out of sync.

As of this writing it seems the information closest to the user takes the highest priority.

A local Outlook Contact will override the local Lync Address Book.

The local Lync Address Book will override information kept in the Lync Address Book Services Web Query (ABS-WQ).

During the course of resolving a Lync address book issue for Lync Server 2013 “CU2″ I gathered a list of common issues that can occur during the address book generation process.

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