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May 11, 2017: This column advised consumers to watch for provisions in contracts that limit the ability to resolve disputes, such as language that prevents suing or joining class-action lawsuits.

The company in the column, Master Matchmakers, did not include a class-action waiver in its contract, though it did include limits on damages that may be recovered.

What Are the Typical Legal Claims Against Internet Dating Services?

Rochelle Winn, from, commented that this potentially had “huge revenue implications”, raising the point that users could sign up for the service, message everyone they liked, then leave before 14 days, and not have to pay the full subscription fee.“I think these changes are prescriptive, without the law makers giving thought to all the people that it might apply to.In these days, many people spend time on their electronic devices to become members of internet dating services.Many companies are now providing online dating services to their members.Please print and keep a copy of this Agreement for Your records.By accessing the Website or using any Services, You consent to receive this Agreement electronically.

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