Tom higgenson still dating delilah

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So I stood there eavesdropping on Grammer, who talked about how much he loves his dog to two other people who I don’t know until he finally looked at me. I extended my hand and introduced myself while simultaneously knocking my own cellphone out of my hand. Where we would hold the interview (as it was a bit loud due to the Plain White T’s sound checking and practicing) was a struggle to figure out.

We decided on the white tent complete with a table and two brown wicker benches with red cushions. He was born in Los Angeles, but grew up mostly in New York.

She said that her friend Delilah wanted to hang out, which was fine with me. She was gorgeous with a face you could stare at forever.

I stood sweating mightily next to Andy Grammer, deciding whether or not I should put my prescription sunglasses on or not, but ultimately deciding not to because I didn’t want to publicly unpack my suitcase of a bag.Tom Higgenson “Hey There Delilah” Written by Tom Higgenson Recorded by Plain White T’s The song was actually written in 2004, years before it got big on radio.I was hanging out with my friend Kim in Chicago, where we’re from.As the Plain White T's learned over the last two years, there's something unreal about success.One minute you're sweating your ass off on stage in some dive.

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