Oprah winfrey dating tyler perry

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At 16, he changed his first name to Tyler to separate himself from his father.

Tyler Perry has forged his own way in the entertainment industry, building an empire that consists of successful films, plays, and even a best-selling book.

Oprah had always been close to Stedman’s family members and never turned ‘a blind eye.’ When Wendy had some drinking problems in 2008, Oprah helped place her in a rehab facility.

PHOTOS: Hollywood Housekeepers & Assistants Tell All — 31 Scandalous Secrets Of The Stars “And before his mom passed away in 2010, Oprah and Stedman would often visit her at her home in New Jersey.

Oprah flourished and public speaking and oratory skills were her most prominent skills.

After winning the beauty pageant Miss Black Tennessee at 17, Oprah caught the attention of WVOL, a radio station in Nashville, who offered her a job.

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