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The mobile view on those wikis exposes this capability as "Nearby" in the Wikipedia menu, as shown in the screenshot.Let's perform a geosearch for pages near the Wikimedia Foundation offices With just the coordinates and page name you can present a list of pages is installed on commons, all Wikipedias, all Wikivoyage sites, and some other wikis. This finds wiki pages with associated geographic coordinates "near" a location.You can either give the geographic coordinates of a location, or a wiki page name that has its own geographic coordinates.Properties and setting the Use new view/run report list layout property to Yes, starting with the Fuji release. Only reports you can access appear in search results.If you use the new view/run report list layout, access to reports in the reports list is regulated by standard platform ACLs. Search suggestions appear depending on the search string.The following video tutorial demonstrates how to create reports from a list, by modify an existing report, and from scratch.

However, she wears a polka dot dress on her date with the protagonist.

The following options are available to customize the Reports list: system property, you can configure the Reports list to show the names of the users and groups that reports are shared with.

Shared reports are those where the Visible to setting is Groups and Users.

Now with even Tywin and Joffrey dead, and Tyrion fleeing the realm, there are no more checks on Cersei's power, and she is essentially the Ruling Queen of the Seven Kingdoms in all but name.

However, Cersei is neither a master strategist nor a skilled diplomat (unlike her father and brother) and she faces mounting crises that would have strained even their abilities.

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    Fat Friends, however, is one of the most fondly remembered television series of her long career.