Updating xbox 360 with disc

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It's either you read ALL burned media, or you read none, and to Microsoft's way of thinking, burned media equals piracy.i downloaded the update from and then i burned the unzipped file onto a CD put the CD in my xbox and restarted it and the update screen did not come up so then i triad unzipping the file and putting it on a CD and that did not work and then i triad putting the file itself on a CD and that did not work is this good i really want to learn this update my xbox this way because i don't have highspeed Internet so it's this way or no way There were many tiny little steps you did in those few words. I decline to write a step by step but will look over your detailed steps to see where it could be incorrect.

That update doesn't go live until later in the week, possibly as early as tomorrow.

The Xbox recognized the DVD and proceded to do the update.

Then.....a blue screen displayed saying that the Xbox failed to update, please contact Customer Service. I assume this was ok since the xbox recognized it and proceeded with the update.

Downloaded the file from here unzipped the file onto my desktop.

I was then left with a folder called $System Update with a file inside.

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