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The Raspberry Pi camera module is a nifty peripheral that lets you put the tiny computer to a variety of practical and creative uses.

To get the most out of the camera's functionality, however, you need to have at least a basic working knowledge of Bash or Python scripting.

Alternatively, would it be possible to "embed" the RPi-Cam-Web "min.php" viewer (apologies if the terminology is incorrect ! At the moment, I can either have two web pages open, one to view and one to control, or view on computer, control on 'phone.

Just curious, it's just beyond my coding capabilities at the moment - I really need a shove in the right direction (this web thang will never catch on you know ;)More than happy to put some time and effort in and share results.

Before you install RPCWI, it's a good idea to update Raspberry Pi's firmware, distribution, and all installed packages.

Had a few fun and games 'cos I didn't understand the significance of the master thing in git, but grabbing the files manually from the site and enabling I2C on the RPi 3 and result is a working solution that does precisely what I want.This includes the ability to preview, manage, and download saved photos and videos, support for time-lapse and scheduled shooting and recording, motion-triggered image capture, and much more.RPCWI works on all Raspberry Pi models supported by the camera model, and the web application is designed to run on the Raspbian Linux distribution.When you click on the "record image" button, there is about 0.8 seconds delay before the actual image is captured, I presume the time it takes to switch the camera into full-frame mode.Since it is a full-frame still, it shows a wider field of view than the MJPEG preview which shows only the video area.

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