Speed dating reality show my two best friends started dating

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The Spice Girl, 41, warned her soon-to-be ex not to bother her as she's 'really not in the mood' but was dubbed 'boring' for not wanting to be tickled.

In another therapy session, Stephen announced: 'I'm a super freak, I need to have certain amounts of sex,' adding that withholding dalliances was equivalent to 'taking my food and water away from me'.

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The show promises to give fans a glimpse of her day to day business interactions alongside manager Jay Badza.

In addition, the show will give a peek of her romance with AKA, her very close bond with her mom, the interwoven and often exhilarating relationship with her cousin Tebogo “Pinky Girl” Mekgwe, and good times with her friend Lorna Maseko.

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