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And that’s the case with almost every other cast member.

Shawnee Smith, who timidly plays Charlie’s ex-wife, can’t establish a clear understanding of their present relationship -something viewers need in the very first episode.

Charlie thrives on the chaos in his life while still battling his own anger issues.

The “Anger Management” actor has reportedly gotten his co-star Selma Blair fired after she complained about his work ethic.

According to Deadline TV, Sheen sent Blair a text where he called her a “c***” before delivering the news the show was getting rid of her.

"She asked if I had a dating résumé that she could look at, and when I said no (like any normal person would) she told me no," he said.

"So afterward I decided to make one, so if it ever came up again I could use it in my favor." In fact, he never even wound up meeting the girl."Ashley informed me that the mysterious suitor has since asked another guy to formal.

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