Updating backup exec agents

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Marketing description: Symantec Backup Exec™ 15 delivers powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use backup and recovery that is designed for your entire infrastructure regardless of platform: virtual, physical or cloud.

With Backup Exec™, you get fast, reliable backup and recovery of data and systems at every level and advanced integration with the most recent releases of VMware and Hyper-V.

You would think that a multi-billion dollar company like symantec would understand the importance of making one revision of software easily upgraded to the next. Backup Exec 2010 had an addon option called “Desktop Laptop Option” hence forth called DLO. How is someone who runs a small business supposed to handle things like this, if everyone thinks you buy a disk, put it in, and hit go.You have to convince them that yes, you want it, and then they email you the download link. To me, this doesn’t exactly scream “trail version”. Downloaded this 400MB software, and installed it on the server… Instead of waiting another two days to hear back from symantec, I decided that their current backup job isn’t all that complicated, and recreating it wouldn’t be a big deal. Basic working knowledge of domain security and experience with Active Directory and Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012 are recommended.Provides support for on-line non-disruptive backup of Macintosh operating systems.

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