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I'd dreamed of showing our two boys London, where I had lived for two years during and just after college.An actor and a former Ford model, she studied and then taught photography at Wake...Jinsey was recently featured in an article from Backstage magazine about New York headshot photographers. Here in their headshots, actors Rhonda Jensen and Miguel Perez are both open, approachable, warm, and engaging. That’s exactly what you want in a headshot—you want the casting director to feel all that.That way all the shots are of people DOING something naturally, rather than posing!” Says Casting director Anita Guerra, “However she does it, whether it’s by relaxing people or her use of lighting, she has the ability to catch people in the candid moment when they are relaxed and their eyes, which have to communicate 90% of the personality, have a bright and alert look to them even if the person is not smiling.” Contact Jinsey today for more information about photography for internet dating.

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