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If the name of an artifact in a binding file matches the name of an artifact in your existing configuration, the artifact in the binding file will update the artifact in your existing configuration when you import the binding file.

When updating existing artifacts with binding file artifacts, certain rules are followed.

I did this to allow for me to do some tweaking remotely, and auto-updating (using keys) for certain DNS records so I can connect to my network at home if I want to access resources here.

This led to an interesting issue with updating the zone files…

Usually editing is pretty easy, open the file in Now you’re free to edit the zone file using your favorite editor once again.

When you’re satisfied with all your changes, you need to tell bind to reload, and allow dynamic updates again.

I’ve recently moved my primary domain over to a dynamic zone.

Overwrite the existing list of tracked properties for this schema with the list of tracked properties for this schema specified in the binding file.

If a binding file is imported which refers to tracked properties that are not available for the existing schema an error is generated.

Binding file artifacts are typically configured to reference other artifacts, for example a receive port is typically configured to reference a receive location.

I can't figure out how to bind the fields to the component so that the fields update when i change the properties in On Data Update().

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