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Russell was stopped by deputies on Sunday while driving south on US 1, but authorities did not indicate why he was pulled over, the Miami Herald reports.Arthurs told investigators that all four men shared neo-Nazi beliefs prior to his conversion to Islam.I just feel that my heart is overtaking my head here. A: It is not crazy to consider a nontraditional family arrangement, not by a long shot.

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We have been best friends since our college years, survived career changes, the death of parents (mine), cancer (him), and never finding true love. We always joked about having kids together if we hit 40 without finding true love. He has brought it up a couple of times and thinks we should do it.Tom’s lover left him during his bout with cancer, and I wasted the last five years with a guy who lied to me about wanting kids and marriage. He says he loves me, trusts me, and it would be too hard to raise a baby as a single parent.It would be a partnership to raise the kids together and an open marriage.Arthurs then briefly held an employee and customers hostage at the nearby Green Planet Smoke Shop, where he boasted that he had just killed his roommates, “blasting their head” with a semi-automatic pistol. “I had to do it,” Arthurs said, according to the report.“This wouldn’t have had to happen if your country didn’t bomb my country.” When asked if anyone else was hurt, Arthurs replied: “The people in the apartment, but they’re not hurt, they’re dead.” Inside the Amberly Drive apartment, Himmelman and Oneschuk were found shot in the head and upper body, according to the police report.

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