Simpsons ned flanders dating video

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“Ready” opens on Jess ready to stop pining over Nick and start dating again.

Nick’s ready to turn the bar over to Cece so he can write full-time while she implements changes.

Homer's juvenile antics at the speedway track result in Maude Flanders falling to her death.-inspired metal band is back with a surprisingly awesome video for their debut album's first single, "White Wine Spritzer." As you'd expect, the band is dressed like Homer's affably dorky neighbor, Ned Flanders Their lyrics are a near direct quote taken from the below scene in which Flanders boldly asks for someone to get him a—you guessed it—white wine spritzer.They did change "Ah, heck," to "Ah, hell," though, because this is metal music we're talking about.By the end of “Ready,” their romance looks downright… Robby’s goofy appeal comes across, and so does a vulnerability that’s sometimes winning and sometimes overwhelming.Even Donovan (Trent Garrett), the hot new bartender hired by Cece to bring in more female customers, has a sweet vacancy.

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