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She attended the University of California, Los Angeles, but got kicked out for low grades (partying got in the way).A former dancer, she appeared in music videos for Daft Punk, Crystal Method, Madonna, Janet Jackson and Maxwell.James left the game with both Hidden Idols and gave his final words: "I have the two Idols and I guess I should have played them.

When the tribe faced tribal council, Leslie Nease was voted out.

The Zhan Hu tribe then threw the following immunity challenge, thus eliminating Reisberger.

Herzog and Kimmel had found the immunity idol and Zernow, Denise Martin, and Courtney Yates were informed of the discovery.

On night 30 at the most shocking Tribal Council to date, James Clement, the 30-year-old gravedigger from Lafayette, LA, was buried by his own alliance as they conspired to get rid of the Hidden Immunity Idols and vote him out of the game.

James didn't see the vote coming and chose not to play either of his two Hidden Immunity Idols.

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