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So influencers, called “key opinion leaders” over there, are a shortcut for brands to build a personal connection with their audience on a platform that fans trust.

High-end opinion leaders usually have verified accounts in “Subscription” on We Chat, where they publish sponsored posts or videos for brands, while smaller influencers with personal accounts post on their “Moments” to increase brand visibility.

If an Official Account has a default menu, a first customized menu, a second customized menu, and a third customized menu, the third one will be first matched when a user enters the pages of an Official Account.

We Chat provides a personalized menu API through which developers can allow different users to see different menus.

This API is open to verified Subscription and Service accounts.

Growing up in North Korea, Yeonmi had seen executions before.

She remembers her mother piggy­backing her to public squares and sports stadiums to watch the spectacles used by Kim Jong-il’s Workers’ Party to silence even the slightest whisper of dissent. Yeonmi watched in horror as the woman she knew was lined up alongside eight other prisoners and her sentence was read out.

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