Cancer woman dating a capricorn man picture dating violence

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Yes they can, initially, but it’s not without its problems.

Like most opposite sign matches, the Capricorn man and the Cancer woman are initially drawn to each other because each senses that they are missing something the other provides.

If he is out and about, try to grab his attention by looking busy.

Talk on your phone, shop for business clothes, and generally seem like you’re getting ready for something.

There is no one more level-headed or responsible than the studious Capricorn man.

Capricorn man Cancer woman compatibility is strong to begin with, for these reasons.

This is an earth/water sign match, which are usually tender and passionate.

Capricorn men look for someone who is as career-oriented as they are, and will notice a woman who appears to have everything under control.

Once you start talking, ask him about his job and life goals.

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