Establishing a liquidating trust

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A good attorney here in SLC is Scott Hansen at 801-746-6300.

He or a partner in his firm may be able to help answer your questions. Respectfully, Kelly Three grown daughters who live in Texas were told by their 83 yr old father on his deathbed in state of Washington that they were in his will and would receive a substantial amt of stocks and bonds to be divided among the 3 of them when he passed away.

Res Cap Liquidating Trust’s mission is to maximize returns to Unitholders by vigorously pursuing and resolving the mortgage correspondent litigation, monetizing the Trust’s remaining assets in a timely and efficient manner and finalizing resolution of remaining claims.

The Res Cap Liquidating Trust was established in December 2013 under the Second Amended Joint Chapter 11 Plan of Residential Capital, LLC, et al.

Upon termination of the Liquidating Trust, any remaining cash assets of the Liquidating Trust will be conveyed to the Indenture Trustee for application under the Indenture.

A will is a written document that directs the disposition of a person's property after his or her death.

The Chrysler Liquidating Trust partnership grew out of discussions between Secretary Mc Donald and Bob Manzo, Trustee for the Trust on the importance of forging strategic partnerships and the ongoing work to end Veteran homelessness.

Probate is the process of submitting a deceased individual's will to the court, appointing a personal representative and following through with the legal requirements to dispose of the person's assets. Any person wishing to designate who will receive their assets at death should have a will. Only an expert legal professional can advise the best alternatives with respect to an individual's estate plan. A holographic will is hand-written by the person making the will and needs to be signed by that person.

This is Kelly Saunders with Guardian & Conservator Services, Inc. My suggestion would be to contact an elder law attorney because this is really a legal matter as it relates to one’s capacity to make decisions about their estate.

It’s these kinds of collaborations that are helping us achieve results.

Caring for Veterans is a shared responsibility and opportunity.” “After speaking with Secretary Bob and hearing about VA’s newly invigorated effort to work with external partners, I wanted to find a way to use these funds to support Veterans,” said Trusts’ Manzo.

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