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She is a pretty, milk-skinned, 17-year-old girl who loves the movie Casipong huffs to the third floor of the apartment building, opens a door decorated with a crucifix, and greets her co-workers.The curtains are drawn, and the artificial moonlight of computer screens illuminates the room.Connect live with fellow vegans, vegetarians, raw foodist, and curious minds. See member benefits or Register now Already a member?This vegetarian chat is open all hours for all exchanges relating to vegetarianism and veganism, including vegetarian diet and health issues, animal rights, spirituality, advice, community building, travel, and idea sharing. From prehistoric rock paintings depicting sex, through to the Greeks, Romans, the Renaissance period ( in which it flourished), and on to the mass production of pornography in the early 20th century. Purveyors of pornography have always been quick to adapt to new technologies – especially mass production opportunities.No surprise then, to see the distributers of sexually explicit material almost immediately adopted the Internet as the preferred method of mass distribution – a technology which allows uncontrolled (by moralists, governments, and others), and anonymous access to explicit sexual content. As an Internet security blogger, I have a certain level of concern with respect to pornographic Websites.Richard Braggs, Casipong’s boss, sits at a desk positioned behind his employees, occasionally glancing up from his double monitor to survey their screens.

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The arrests come two weeks after Philippine authorities, acting on an overseas tip-off, made one of the largest seizures of its kind in the country, uncovering a major operation live-streaming the abuse and torture of children from dark corners of the internet to predators in Australia, the US, Canada and Europe.

(“Richard Braggs” is the alias he uses for business purposes; he uses a number of pseudonyms for various online activities.)Casipong inserts earbuds, queues up dance music—Paramore and Avicii—and checks her client’s instructions. A São Paulo gym might request 75 female Brazilian fitness fanatics, or a Castro-district bar might want 1,000 gay men living in San Francisco.

Her current order is the most common: Facebook profiles of beautiful American women between the ages of 20 and 30.

The apartment is in a red light district near the Clark air base, which was operated by the US Air Force until 1991.

Police burst into the filthy apartment and grabbed Mr Deakin as he was allegedly about to wipe video and images of children engaged in explicit sex acts from his computers.

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